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Jewish Religion

Bar MitzvahIn order for a boy to have his Bar Mitzah he must start to learn all the jewish rules such as they can't eat pork, they must also learn an old language which they need say fluently because they need to read from a script or scroll which is called a Tora and is worth 10000 dolars or more because not only are the scripts sacred they are also completely hand written so that means that the boy is not allowd to touch the script with his fingers he must use a short skinny stick called a Yad.

Jewish ReligionBy Benjamin Schofield

Becoming a man!

Jews believe that there is one true God who created the universe and everything in it. jews believe that theyir cone God has a single relationship with each and every one of them.

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Core Beliefs


Reading the Torah!

Bar mitzvah

Magen DavidThe Shield of David

The Hamesh HandThe Hand of G-d

TefillinContains Little bit of the Tora

MezauzahOn most Jewish doorsteps


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