Jewish Identity

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Jewish Identity

I invite you to watch the short film, "The Tribe". As you watch it reflect on how the film makes you feel. Do you identify with it? Does it represent a conception of Jewish identity that feels foreign to you? Bring these feelings and thoughts with you as you work on your group project

Dimensions of Jewish IdentityEDUC 834 - Session 5

Jewish identity is complex and often hard to define. This glog is designed to share some big ideas about Jewish identity with you and provide and introduction for your group project on perspectives on Jewish identity development and educational implications.

What is

Cohen speaks about Jewish identity along three primary dimensions. He writes, "If Jewish Belief (or attitudes and affect) and Jewish Behavior are constituent elements of Jewish identity, so too is Jewish Belonging, expressed in the full complex of social ties that link Jewish with one another." (What We Now Know, 75)

Bubis writes,"Remember identity is ultimately the sorting-out of who we are, and identification is the way we manifest our indentity or identities." (What We Now Know,556)

Both of these definitions recognize that there are INTERNAL and EXTERNAL dimensions of Jewish identity.

External Expressions: Jewish identity can be described by the enactment of behaviors and affiliation. These external indicators are traditionally how Jewish identity is measured.

Internal Experiences: There is a strong affective side to Jewish identity which is experienced internally and is harder to quantitatively measure. It directly touches the heart and can lead to tremendous joy and pride as well as internal struggle.

The next step in exploring Jewish identity involves working in groups to explore various constructions of Jewish identity developed by Jewish educational scholars. Visit this link to see the details of the assignment that aims to deepen our understanding of Jewish identity and how we nurture it through the landscapes we construct as Jewish educators.



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