Jet Engine Complete Combustion

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Jet Engine Complete Combustion

Jet Engine Complete Combustion

Type of Chemical Reaction and Balenced Equasion



The reactants required for jet engine combustion are oxygen and kerosene.Oxygen is described an; odourless, coulourless, invisible gas that induces combustion. Kerosene on the other hand is a liquid feul that is a highly concentrated hydrocarbon which is very flamable, and explosive. The products are carbon dioxide and water vapour. Carbon dioxide is like oxygen a colourless, odorless, gas, carbon dioxide is also a greenhouse gas. Water Vapour is a clear colourless and odorless gas that acts as a greenhouse gas as well.

The chemical reaction that occurs in a jet engine is complete combustion. When a jet engine inhales air only oxygen is used as a product 100% if the time, but if the combustion is poor or if its a bad engine, there will be fumes, and if really bad there will be black fumes(soot) which means that the combustion inside the engine is incomplete combustion.The balenced Chemical equastion is as follows2C12H26(L) + 25O2(G) → 12CO2(G) + 26H2O(G)

Products and Reactants

Jet Engine Combustion is the only known force powerful enough to lift a plane off the ground in takeoff and the only known force strong enough to keep planes in the air. So if jet engine combustion was taken away from our lives then serious concequences worldwide would occur. Firstly, 8.5 million people travel on planes daily without jet engines a lot of people every single day would need to find different ways to travel. Country to country wouldn't be so bad but what if you need to cross an ocean, these long journeys would take weeks to travel to, as well critical trading via planes would disappear. Trade would slow down, and economically people and countries would suffer. With these points in mind if jet engine combustion were to dissapear it would be a disaster for the entire human race because we would be sent back a century with no jet engine combustion

Usefullness of Jet Engine Combustion

By: Andrej and Jack Skipper


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