Jesus's Life

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by SamCalderwood
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Social Studies
Religious Studies

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Jesus's Life

Jesus became growingolder and olderuntil he was a grownman

What a pilgrimage.

The firstdisciplewas Peterthefisherman.

Jesus's life

Bethlehem was the place whereJesus was born.

Jesus grew upin Jerusalemand he lovedit.

Members of Jesus's familywere Mary andJoseph and abrother namedJames.

Jesus use to play outdoor games in this town.

Jesus diedon the crossfor our sins.

King of the Jews

Before Jesusdied, he hada meal withhis disciplesand gave thebread and wine

Son of God

Jesus had no food for 40 days and nights

Jesus was baptised in the Jordan River.

The jobs peoplehad were tax colle--cting, fishing, andfarming.

Jesus's discipleswere Peter,Judas,Matthew,Barthalemew,thaddeus and more.

The End!

He went to school.

He would spend hisdays listening to God.


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