Jesus Feeds Five Thousand

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Jesus Feeds Five Thousand

Whose Talking?

The passage is about the Apostles talking with Jesus about what they had done and taught, Jesus could see that they were tired so he told them to come away to a deserted place by themselves for a while so that they could rest. Lots of them were coming and going but they didn’t have any time to be able to rest or even eat. When the apostles and Jesus went away people recognised them and many followed to try and get to the town before they got there so that they may speak with them. When they arrived Jesus could see that there were many people and he felt sorry for them. As it got later in the day Jesus disciples said to him “This is a deserted place and the hour is now very late, send them away so that they may go into the surrounding country and villages and may buy themselves something to eat.” Mark 6: 36. Jesus said “You give them something to eat.” Mark 6:37. The disciples had only five loaves of bread and only two fish but Jesus looked up to the heavens and blessed and broke the loaves into pieces and they took twelve baskets full of broken pieces of bread and fish to the men that had sat on the grass in groups “Those who had eaten the loaves numbered 5000 men” Mark 6:44

In this particular bible passage Jesus and the apostles are talking to not only each other but the 5 thousand men. You can tell this because it says “the apostles gathered around Jesus and told him all that they had done and taught.” Mark 6: 30. Mark is also talking because he is narrating the overall story in the bible.

How is this relevent for us?

Jesus feeding five thousand is relevant to us today because it shows compassion and kindness. We as a world have many homeless and starving people who can’t help themselves and need to have miracles happen for them. If we can learn from Jesus and his compassion and selflessness we can help people who are starving and have nothing and are desperate in their lives. We need to believe like Jesus does and we need to believe in Jesus that we can with his help provide miracles with our faith that we can feed and have compassion for the starving and homeless of the world.

Jesus Feeds Five Thousand

Overview of story (main points)

How does this show gods character

This passage teaches us that Jesus and God are compassionate, caring, helpful and loving to us and to all. Jesus and God are miracle workers but through the miracles they make they are very humble about it. When Jesus knew he needed to perform a miracle he “stepped up to the plate” and was able to feed five thousand men with just 5 loaves of bread and only 2 fish. “You give them something to eat.” Mark 6:37. Was a quote by Jesus when he was commanding the disciples to feed the five thousand. This shows that Jesus was a compassionate man and made sure that everyone had given it there all until he was needed. Through this passage Jesus was helpful by feeding the five thousand and allowing them to follow Jesus even though I’m sure he would have liked some peace and privacy that night. Jesus shows us that he was a kind leader because when he was giving commands he would say it in a kind and compassionate manner. A rude and disrespectful leader would have eaten the bread and given only a little bit of food to the five thousand. But Jesus was able to overcome the shear fact that there was not enough food to go around by blesses and asking for Gods help through his time of need, Jesus was able to bless the food and feed the five thousand due to his strong leadership aspect and his will to overcome near impossible challenges.


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