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Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ was born in a poor family. Before he was born, the angel Gabriel visits Mary, who is biological mother of Jesus, and tells her that she is going to bear a child who is child of God. Jesus works as a carpenter until he is 30 and he finally starts to work and spread ideas of Christianity and that he is the only messiah that God has sent on Earth. During his mission trips and others, Jesus perfoms miracles such as turning water into wine, making cripple walk normal, etc. At the age of 33, Jesus is sentenced to be crucified for faking that he is the messiah that God sent and gets crucified. However, the bible tells us that on the third day, Jesus died, he rose and went to right side of God.


4 BC - Birth of Jesus0 AD - Traditional Birth of Jesus ChristAge of 12 - 30 - Jesus worked as a carpenterAge of 30 - 32 - Jesus worked and spread his controversial idea of Christianity

Jesus Christ spread his and God's idea of Christianity and taught people about the eternal life afterwards if they believe in Jesus sincerely. He performed many miracles such as turning water into wine, curing uncurable illness, saving possessed poeple, etc. Jesus then was crucified and rose on the third from his death and he ascended into heaven on the right side of God. He made majority of people to believe in hime nwadays, too; 2.2 billion people (32%) believe in Jesus Christ, Christianity.

Lasting Impact

Jesus's long lasting impact is people's belief in him that Jesus is the only messiah who God sent on earth to forgive people's sin. His influence was so powerful that many people worship and praise Jesus worldwide and 2.2 billion people (about 32% of world) believe in him which is the most believed religion around the world.


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Key Points of Significance

1- Jesus was born by Virgin Mary2- Jesus spread new ideas of Christianity3-Jesus resurrected on the third day4-Jesus had performed many miracles5-32% (2.2 billion) of world population believe in Jesus Christ


Do you sincerely think that Jesus Christ is real?Are all common information of Jesus Christ true?Do you think Jesus Christ deserved to get crucifed for spreading his new ideas of Christianity?


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