Jesus calls the first desciples

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Jesus calls the first desciples

Jesus was standing on the shore of Lake Gennesaret as people rushed over to Him to listen to the word of God. There were two boats pulled up on the shore. Jesus got into one of them. It belonged to Simon. Jesus sat in the boat and taught the crowd from there.

Jesus calls the first desciples

When Jesus was done he said to Simon,"push the boat out from the shore and put ur nets in the water." Simon responded,"we have worked all night long, and have caught nothing,but if you say so I will." They let the nets down and caught such a large amount that the nets were about to break.

When Simon saw what happend, he fell on his knees and said Simon said "Go away from me Lord." I am a sinful man!" Everyone was amazed by the number of fish that had been caught. Jesus said to Simon "dont be afarid, from now on you will be catching people." After that he left everything and followed Jesus.



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