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Jessica Labbe

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Ships of the sea

Simon FreaserIn 1808, Simon Freaser was a partner in the North West Company,a fur trading company .His rolr was to build forts in an area west of the Rocky Mountians . Samuel de champlain1567 in brouage, a sea side town in France .Samuel de champlain was a expolrer, navigator, and mapmaker. Vikings985 The vikings first visted Canada's northeastern regions.

Difficutties challenges eg conflictsTo get over big waves and rapeds.They did not get along with First Nactions people. I also think they would have difficutties finding a name tor knew discoveries .

Marco Polo's ship

James Cooks Ship

What Explorers Need to TravelA canoe, Map, Money, Compass, and a ship to travel with .

First Contact.About 500 years ago Europeans came to North America and South America and when they came they brought disease's and wupons like guns and a lot of other stuff there. Then the Aboriginal people started to trad fur and stuff to get wepons . Then the Aboriginal people started to hunt more for food to trade for more stuff.Then Europeans started to trad more and thought that the land was theirs then the aboriginal people had conflicts with the europeans .

Christeroper Columbus's ship

explorer compass

Her are somenames of famouse explorers . John CabotHenery HudsonSimon FraserGeorge VancouverJames CookSamuel de Champlain


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    Is it piano that you love in addition to karate and violin? Check and edit your spelling. I think the wall you chose is really cool with all the bubbles.

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    Jessica you've made a very good start. Some revisions and editing are needed though. Did Simon Fraser have a goal to build forts west of the Rocky Mountains?