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Social Studies

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Jerusalem was founded in 3000 B.C. A city in central Israel west of the Dead Sea, has been a place of pilgrimage and worship for Christians, Jews and Muslims since the biblical era. The Old City retains significant religious sites, including the Temple Mount compound and Western Wall, sacred to Judaism, and the Dome of the Rock, a 7th-century Islamic shrine with a gold rotunda.

Jerusalem, Israel

LocationJerusalemis right Dead Sea. It is also 31 degrees North and 35 degrees East.

MovementThe Fruit there are all grown in Orchards. The fish there are all caught from the ocean near by.

PlaceThe population for Israel was 6,251,000 people. Jerusalem is int he Middle East so it is mostly full of desert and some forest.

RegionThe house in Jerusalem are really close together. And the city is very religous.

Human Eniroment InteractionProblems have been the water supply. Most of it goes to the farmers. They economy there is very smart.


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