[2014] Alex Ray: Jerry Uelsmann

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[2014] Alex Ray: Jerry Uelsmann

Jerry Uelsmann BiographyJerry N. Uelsmann is an American photographer who was born on June 11, 1934. Jerry was born in Detroit Michigan, where he had an average middle class life. While attending public school at the age of 14, Jerry fell in love with photography. His belief was that through his pictures, he could exist outside himself. Despite poor grades, Jerry managed to get photo jobs mostly conisting of models for magazines. He eventually went to get a BA from Rochester Institute of Technology and degrees from Indiana University. Uelsmann later on began teaching photography at the University of Florida in 1960. In the year 1967, Jerry had his first solo exhibit at The Museum of Modern Art, which really helped in his pursuit of a successful photography career. Uelsmann is not only a master photographer, but printer as well. He produces composite photographs with multiple negatives and extensive dark room work to get the look he wanted. He uses over a dozen enlargers at a time to produce his final master picture. Uelsmann has a large archive of negatives that he has shot over the years, that tend to reappear in his work. They sometimes act as a focal point in one picture, and as a background or foreground in another. Uelsmann very much so believes that the final image does not need to be composed of one negative but instead with many negatives. A common theme in Uelsmann's work is that he does not care about the boundaries given by photo secessionists. He instead simply wished to share with the viewer the images from the depths of his imagination. Before the advent of digitl cameras and image edting software, Uelsmann was considered to have almost "magical skill" with his analog tools. At the time Uelsmann's work came into being, photographs were still regarded as plain documented history or evidence. Uelsmann really helped in expanding the artistic limits and boundaries of photography, and influenced the public to see photography in a different light. Uelsmann's photos are not meant to depict a familiar or specific place, but rather allow the viewer to transcend the frames and take them on a journey into Uelsmann's mind. His work played off of big ideas, and because those ideas are extremely vague, his photos leave little room for literal interpretation of his work. Uelsmann composes his work in black, white, and a vast complement of grays and other midtones. One of the most recognizable features of his art is the constast between the artificial and the organic. Another common theme of his is that he will place eyes on walls, doors, windows, and even amongst the cloudsToday Uelsmann is retired, and currently lives in Gainesville Florida with his wife Maggie Taylor.

Jerry Uelsmann BiographyBy Alex Ray

Jerry Uelsmann

The Dream Theater (2004)" In "Dream Theater, 2004" ghostly hands claw at an open dictionary on a table, as if stuggling to understand the abstract nature of the scene. In an elaborate stage set of Baroque columns, statuary, and archways a nude woman is exiting. The roof of this fantastic structure dissolves into billowing white clouds while on the floor a raven is perched, suggesting perhaps sorrow. Apocalypse II (1967)A tree is coming out of the ocean being watched from people on shore. There is no real explanation for this work.

"The camera is a liscense to explore."

"Photography is just light remembering itself."



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