Jeremy Ross - Enemy Pie

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Jeremy Ross - Enemy Pie

JeremyRossin "Enemy Pie"

In "Enemy Pie," Jeremy Ross is immediately known as the boy's enemy. Once the boy gets to meet him, Jeremy Ross is quickly is changed from his biggest enemy to a great friend. Jeremy likes to ride bikes, throw water balloons at the neighborhood girls, jump on his trampoline and play basketball. His favorite food is macaroni and cheese.

Some character traits that describe Jeremy Ross are fun, friendly and cheerful. He is fun because he likes to do fun activities such as ride bikes, play sports and throwing water balloons at the neighborhood girls. He is friendly because he invited the boy over for lunch, let him jump on his trampoline in his backyard and continued to play with him all day. Last, he is cheerful because he always had a smile on and was happy while hanging out with the boy.

Two things that Jeremy Ross does in the book: 1. Jeremy Ross spends the day with the boy and they do all fun activities like throw around a boomerang, play basketball, eat and go up to the boy's secret tree house. 2. Jeremy Ross eats the pie and is perfectly fine after he eats it. The boy is happy because he thought that the pie would get rid of his new found friend.

In the beginning of the book, Jeremy is looked at as a mean character. The boy says that he is his biggest enemy because Jeremy did not invite him to his birthday party, took his best friend away from him and would laugh at him when he would strike out at baseball.

At the end of the story, the boy spent the whole day with him and found out he is really nice and ends up liking him. The boy now considers him a friend instead of an enemy and Jeremy is looked at as a good character.

Who is he?

Character Traits

What does he do in the story?

How does Jeremy change at the end?

How is Jeremy in the beginning of the book?


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