Jensen, Karilyn, and Jordyn

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Jensen, Karilyn, and Jordyn

Announcement: Cyber Bullying Alert!

Preventing Cyber Bullying:1. Don't share private info.2. Use Nettique.3. Don't send any rude or angry messages.4. Don't read messages from people you have not met.5. Don't stay in a conversation if it doesn't seem right.

Deciphering Internet Messages:ALL CAPS- considered screaming:-) - smiley face, means that you are kidding or happy:-( - frowning face, means that you are sad;-) - winking:D - laughing : / - confused:O - surprised

If you are bullied, seek help immediatly! Contact a parent or teacher and keep all messages!

By: Jensen Graham, Jordyn Glick and Karilyn Elder

Cyber bullying can happen to anyone! Cyber bullies target anyone who will give them a reaction. They can use your race, gender, apperance, friends, or almost anything as an excuse for bullying you.

What is cyber bullying?Cyber bullying is using the internet to torment, anger, or knock down others. This can include email, chat sites, bulletin boards, social networks, and web sites.


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