Jennifer spider monkeys

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Jennifer spider monkeys

I chose these animal because at is known as the "trapeze artists"of the animal world and they even spend their time from limb to limb in trees and they are also found in locations such as mexico and they also live in groups of 30 and their called "troops" and they are also in smaller groups of 3 or 4 and they also eat 90% fruit and wild nuts seeds and insects and eggs and that is why i chose this animal because it is so cool to look at and they are so fast.A nother thing about spider monkeys is that they have really long tails and arns to and de you know that femal spider monkeys are generally somewhat larger than males and they give birth every 2 or 3 years is that cool now we know all about spider monkeys.

Did you know that the spider monkeys are the one of the most loved types of monkeys among children and adults to and did you know that spider monkeys are large in siz and the adults monkeys grow to be almost two feet tall and they even have a powerful tail that they use as an extra limbs and they even use their tail to hold on to branches which makes them look like spiders and i think thats why they named them spider mokeys and they also go to tree branch to tree branch in high speed and a nother thing is that their color of fur is brown,black,golden,red,tan to thet is so cool and they aer also really fast to and that is what this animal do's in the rain forest.

click here to see a vidio of a spider monkeys.

click here to see a vido of a spider monkey

click here to here rainforest souds

A spider monkey drinking water.



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