Jennifer M.

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Social Studies
American History

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Jennifer M.

This book is about how a little girl's family celebrates the 4th of July and how the 4th of July is America's birthday.


Author: Marsha Wilson Chall

Book report

Name: Jennifer McQueen Date: September 22, 2014

This book shows a 4th of July celebration from the point of view of a Caucasian family. It would be better if it had a more diverse set of characters.


Title: Happy Birthday, America!

Social Studies Connection


Text to World Connection

Essential Standard1.H.1.3 Explain why national holidays are celebrated (Constitution Day, Independence Day, Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial Day, Presidents’ Day, etc.).

This book does a great job of pointing out how the 4th of July is celebrating America's birthday.

This book connects with other events in the world, because all cultures have celebrations. Every student will be able to relate in some way to the story because of this.

I like the Book!



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