[2015] cynthia santizo: Jennifer Lawrence

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[2015] cynthia santizo: Jennifer Lawrence

Jenifer Lawrence


Jenifer Lawrence was born in louisville, Kentukey on august 15,1990. Jenifer Lawrence got her big break at age 14. Jenifer lawrence was on vacation with her family in New York and she quickly landed in a role in the TV series "The bill Engvall show" she also was in other TV shoes like "The burning Plain" and "Winter's bone".

-The hunger games-Silver linnings Playbook-American hustle-Serena-X-men-Joy-Winters bone-House at the end of the street-The burning Plain -The pockey house-Like crazy-The Beaver-Garden party-not another high school show-Devil you know-Passengers-Its what I do-Burial rituals-Company towns -The glass castle-East of eaden

Jenifer Lawrence graduated out of high school with a 3.9 GPA, part of the deal her parents made with her to allow her to persecue acting. Jenifer lawrence had some accomplishments becuae when she was younger she wanted to be a doctor but she never thought she would become an actress. Even though she didi not accomplish that she has won 104 awards which is kinda an accomplishment that she acomplished


Jenifer lawrence graduated high school early.Jenifer Lawrence has a nickname which is JLAW.When Jenifer Lawrence was younger she would model for Abercombie and Fitch.



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Jenifer Lawrence grew up with four pet horse's.Jenifer Lawrence's best friend Justine is her assistant.Jenifer Lawrence grew up as a tom boy

.As everybody knows she was also in "The hunger games" ,"Catching fire" and "Mocking Jay". Jenifer Lawrence has two older brothers named Blaine and Ben,and her parents Karen, Gary owned a farm just outside the city.


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