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Interesting Facts


Dr. Elle, Dr. Victoria, and Dr. Zoe

The jellyfish looks like a soft cushion-like bubble, some think it looks like a floating plastic bag. The average jellyfish is about 1-3 inches tall. Larger jellyfish have measured up to 3 feet wide, and can have tentacles up to 30 feet long! Their bodies can give off light, making it glow in the dark waters. The jellyfish is made up of 95% water, but does not have blood, a nervous system including a brain!

The Life of a Jellyfish

Animal Description

Classification :

Diagram Of A Jellyfish

The habitat of a jellyfish is water. Most live in salt water, but there are a few types that live in fresh water. Jellyfish float in the sea. The threats of the jellyfish include over population because it results in limited food sources. Another threat is drastic changes in climate which can alter their food supply as well. Speaking of food, jellyfish will eat anything in their tentacles, even peanut butter! They will eat plankton, fish eggs, larva and even other jellyfish. Whales, fish like sun fish and sea turtles are known for eatting jellyfish, so they must beware of these predators! Jellyfish move by expanding and contracting, causing it to push slowly through the water. Aside from this continual movement as well as eatting, jellyfish do not appear to have any specific habits.

Kingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: CnidariaClass: Scyphozoa*Mulitple Order, Family, Genus, and Species

Jellies in Action

Did you know?...There are over 200 species of jellyfish?...Their powder is used to make salted carmel?...They can shut down nuclear reactors?...If a jellyfish is cut in half, it can regenerate into two new organisms? and


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