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Jeff's Personal Glog



I am a life-long learner.I just started a Masters of Educatiat Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo.I look forward to you being my Guinea Pigs this year for all the wonderful new things that I learn.

This is my son Hunter and my dog, Toby.We adopted Hunter at 2 months old through a local open adoption. This means that his biological mother still gets to see him and he will grow up knowing his roots.We also have two dogs (Sam and Toby) and two cats (Sneakers and Abby).

35 Morning Dew Dr - my childhood home. This is where I grew up with my parents and my older brother, Gary.As you can see, my parents own a trailor and really like to camp. They spend the summers travelling around Ontario in the camper. Good times!

I am a big geek. I love anything made by Apple Computers. I stood in line at Yorkdale Mall for 6 hours when the new iPhone came out in the summer. It was a very interesting experience.

Twitter is my Professional Learning Network and I love reading the tweets of my educational friends. I get tons of ideas from my peers through Tritter.I also read and blog on an ongoing basis.

My favourite all-time TV show is "The West Wing." I have watched the series over 10 times from start to finish.Along with this show, I really like Chuck, Spartacus, Lie To Me, House, and True Blood.

Mmmm... Thai food. I love it. I could eat it every night for supper. My favourite dishes are Red Curry, Green Curry, and Pad Thai. Pizza comes in second but I find that there are no really good pizza places in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Another passion I have is canoeing. This summer, I went on a short canoe trip with a group of friends and saw tons of wild animals. Our campsite, that was on an island, had lots of fresh blueberries. For breakfast one morning, I made pancake with a fresh blueberry compote.

I consider myself fairly patient as a teacher. However, I do have some pet-peeves.1) Negative selftalk and complaining2) People being mean3) "Interupters"4) "Giver-Upers"


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