Jefferson Township New Jersey

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Jefferson Township New Jersey

Jefferson Township New Jersey

41.002 degrees North 74.559 degree West Jefferson Township is in the northeastern part of the U.S.It is also the northernmost township in Morris County, NJ Area of Jefferson Township : Total :43.108 sq. miles Land : 39.132 sq. mile Water: 3.976 sq. miles

The climate varies. There are seasonal temperature differences with warm to hot (humid) summers and cold to severely cold winters. We have many lakes including Lake Hopatcong and smaller lakes and ponds. Headley Overlook is one of the highest elevations in the town. We have the Mahlon Dickerson Reservation which is 3,200 acres. The 2010 census says there are 21,314 people living here.

Jefferson township is called the year round recreation capital. There are many things to do here. In the summer and spring, you can see people swimming, jogging, hiking, walking, biking, and fishing. In the fall and winter, you can see people fishing, ice fishing, playing ice hockey, and ice skating.these are all positive effects. A negative effect is that some people litter along the roads but we have groups that will help like the Cub Scouts. There used to be farming here but they don't anymore.

Jefferson Township is in the eastern time zone in the US. All of our food and gas are shipped in by trucks. There used to be farming and mining here a long time ago but not anymore. Most people in the town get around the town and out of town by using vehicles. There are some who walk and ride bikes to get to different places. A bus comes through also. the main roads are route 80, route 15, and route 23. We communicate with phones, newspapers, Internet, etc...

We are in the northeastern section of the U.S. Most people in Jefferson speak english but there are some who speak spanish, german, chinese, and maybe others.


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