Jefferson Salamander

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Jefferson Salamander

the Jefferson salamander is an endangered species.It is threatened because too many buildings and things are being built around were they live, destroying their homes and sometimes even killing them.It is also being threatend because some places where they need to have their babys are across buisy streets, this is a mager problem for a little salamander trying to cross a buisy street, this is a problem because a car wont see a little salamander crossing a street and more than likely kill it this is also preventing more Jefferson salamanders from being born making them more extinct.

The geographical location that is affecting for the jefferson salamander is around road sides under logs,in wetlands and in certain parts of forests under leaves in Burlington Ontario and other parts of canada. the reason these places are being affected for the jefferson salamander is because people are building buildings around where they live, this is destroting some of there homes making them move to different parts of the forest or near where they used to live, also from outdoor activity, the reason this is affecting there location is because some people can accidentaly step on where the jefferson salamanders are and kill them or destroy their homes.To see more places where the jefferson salamander is in canada look at the map below.

The Jefferson salamander

What is presently being done to preserve the Jefferson salamander, is on king street in burlington, once a year when the jefferson salamander needs to cross king street to have their babies, peolple close down the whole street so that the jefferson salamanders will be able to have their babies without being crushed by a car. Also forests and wetlands and things are being kept so that the jefferson salamanders can keep their homes without having to move or by being crushed by buildings being built.Another thing that is being done is there is also signs being put up to watch for the jefferson salamander during outdoor play. These things that are presently being done i think will help the jefferson salamander, and even make them further away from extinction.

The geograpal location that is affected

Threats to the jefferson salamander

What is presently being done to preserve the jefferson salamander

there is no exact number of jefferson salamanders in the world, because they are hard to find, but scientists have seen a decreas in how many there are because they have become harder to find

how many jefferson salamanders are left


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