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-The people who practice Jediism do believe in "the Force" like in the fiction Star Wars films, and in the inherent worth of life within "the Force"-The sanctity of humans. Opposing the use of torture or cruel punishment. Including the death penalty.-In laws grounded in reason and compassion. Not in fear or prejudice.-A society who do not discriminate basis of sexual orientation, circumstances of birth-16 Teachings and 21 Mexims.

Geographical Location

Governing System




Jedi Beliefs System


-Based on the observance of "the Force"-Jedi Religion is an inspiration and a way of life for many people throughout the world.-Apply the principles, ideals, philosophies, and teachings of Jediism in a practical manner within their lives.-Jedi religion has nothing to do with George Lucas or Star Wars but those who practice Jediism accept mything as a more practical mean of conveying philosophies in life.


-Jediism Church is governed by "The Council"-The Council consists of senior church members, and are considered "masters"-Current council members are: Anzai Kooji Cutpa, Chi-Pa Amshe, Daqian Xiong, Kurisutelin Cho Chrest, who was elected as leader.

-The official Church of Jediism is location in the United Kingdom-Worldwide Members-In the UK, Jediism is the seventh-largest religion, with 175,000 members.-There are 5,000 members in the US, 15,000 in the Czech Republic and 9,000 in Canada. All by estimation.



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