Jean Piaget

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Jean Piaget

Active Theory LearningThe view that children develop knowledge and learn by being physically and mentally engaged in learning activities.

Jean Piaget and his theories of learning played a huge role in the educational developement of children. His theory is about cognitive development. It explains how people perceive, think, understand, and learn. His concept of learning was broken down into 3 stages of learning based primarily on a childs age.

-Sensorimotor -Preoperational-Concrete Operations

"Intelligence is the cognitive, or mental process by which children aquire knowledge."

Jean Piaget

Assimilation ' Accomodation

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AssimilationThe process of fitting new information into existing schemes.

AdaptationThe process of building schemes through interaction with the environment. Consists of two complimentary processes- assimilation and accomodation.

AccomodationChanging or altering existing schemes or creating new ones in response to new information.

Sensorimotor StagePiaget's first stage, which begins at birth and lasts until 2 years of age. This is a period where children use their senses and motor reflexes to build knowledge of the world around them.

Preoperational StagePiaget's second stage, which begins at age 2 and ends around age 7. At this stage, children begin learning symbols (language, pictures, books, maps, drawings) that represent objects and events.

Concrete Operations StatePiaget's third stage, which begins around age 7 and ends around age 12. At this cognitive stage, children's thoughts are logical and they can organiza concrete experiences.

Self-TalkSpeech directed to oneself that helps guide one's behavior.

EquilibriumA balance between existing and new schemes, developed through assimilation and accomodation of new information.


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