Jean Piaget

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Jean Piaget

Jean Piaget

- Born in Switzerland on August 9th, 1896. - Published 1st paper at age 10 and got Ph. D at age 22.- Started working in Binet's lab and thats where he started studying why children reason- Figured out what he wanted to study, inductive and experimental psychology- Married his wife, Valentine Chatenay and had 3 children- Studied his own children and took notes- Developed "The Process of Cognitive Development"

By: Courtney List

Background Info

Piaget's Theory

There are several factors in a child's cognitive development, but the most critical are those interactions with peers. Piaget believed that all children went through four stages of development in the same order. 4 StagesSensorimotor- birth-2 years old, have a cognitive system that is limited to the motor reflexesPreoperational- 2-6 or 7 years, children start to use mental imagery and language and only see the things happening around them in one point of view. Concrete Operational- 6 or 7-11 or 12 years, child can see and reason with concrete knowledge but can't see all the abstract side of things and figure out all the possible outcomes.Formal Operational- 11 or 12- up, people are capable of thinking logically and abstractly as well as theoretically in this stage.

Applied in the Classroom


Piaget belived that every interaction establishes cognitive structure in children and that is very important in the classroom environment. Using visual aids as much as possible, make instrustions short, don't expect children to see the world from another persons point of view and providing a wide range of experiences are all ways to apply Piaget in the classroom. pictures came from the glogster pictures


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