Jean Piaget

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Jean Piaget

Piaget was born in Neuchatel, Switzerland, and did a lot of his work there.

Birth: Sqitzerland August 9, 1896Wife: Valentine Chatenay Education: University of Neuchatel & University of ZurichDeath: September 16, 1980

Jean Piaget working with young children in the classroom.

Educators all over the world put Piaget’s principals into daily practice. Which in return improved children's performances in all areas of math, english, science and social studies. Right away physiologist accepted Piaget’s idea and continued researching on the idea. Jean's work contributed to the understanding of the cognitive development of children. Earlier researchers viewed children as small adults. Piaget's new idea demonstrated that childhood is a unique and important part of human development.

When Jean was alive most people thought children and adults thought and learned the same way. Society did not believe that children's knowledge grew throughout their childhood.Jean learned that children sort information that they learn throughout childhood into groups. When a new thing is learned the child either stores it into an existent group or new group. This is known as children's cognitive development.

Jean Piaget

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