Jean Paul Marat

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Jean Paul Marat

Had a wife called Simmone. Lived in a Sewer because he was afraid of retaliation.He got a skin disease from living in the sewer.He was retired because of his disease.On July 13th, 1793 Marat was murdered by Charlotte CordayHe was a pretty renowned scientist and journalist.


1743 - Marat is Born in Boudry, but still has French Nationality1759 - Leaves Parents to Study Medicine and is rejected membership by "Academy des Sciences"1789 - Publishes Paper called "Friend of the People" that criticizes people and calls for radical change.1793- Marat Dies

Marat was elected to the National Convention.Marat was a Journalist that criticized people during the French Revolution and expedited it too.During the Storming of the Bastille, Jean-Paul Marat wrote essays that declared that 500-600 heads should be cut off in order to have a new regime installed as the source of power.He was elected the president of the Jacobins group and was asked for the destruction of the Girondins.

Lasting Impact

Jean Paul Marat was one of the reasons why many people in France died from execution. Because of him, the French Revolution was bloody and disastrous.

Relationship to French Revolution

Jean-Paul Marat greatly radicalized the French Revolution by using his newspapers to accuse enemies of the Revolution. Some people believed that his newpaper was the major cause of the September Massacre. Due to his demand on having more heads cutted off in his newspapers, he made the Reign of Terror into a more and more radical movement. Through his press, he had successfully gained more popularity for himself and the Jacobin club, and successfully removed the Girondins from power.



La Mort de Marat(The Death of Marat)

Triomphe de Marat(A joyous crowd with Marat after his acquittal)

Jean Paul Marat


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