Jean Louis Palladin

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Jean Louis Palladin

Jean-Louis Palladin

Q: Where did he grow up?

Q: What awards did he earn as a chef?

A: When he was 28 years old (1974) he became the youngest chef in France to earn 2 Michelin Stars

Q: What type of food did he make?

A: Jean-Louis Palladin made French food with American ingredients

Q: Who is Jean- Louis Palladin?

A: Jean Louis Palladin was born in 1946 in Southwestern France and was a chef for a majority of his life

A: He was born in 1946 in Southwestern France

Q: Where did he get their start?

A: The owner of an Italian restaurant he worked in thought that Jean needed his own restaurant so they renovated an old monastery and named it La Table des Cordeliers

Q: What is interesting about his culinary reputation?

A: People said that Jean-Louis Palladin pushed flavors to the limit


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