Jean Foucault

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Jean Foucault

Jean Foucault and the speed of light


- Foucault originally studied medicine however the sight of blood was not appealing to him so he majored in math and science.- Foucault invented the gyroscope in 1852 and used it in previous experiments to persuade people that the Earth does rotate.

Background Information

This type of pendulum was another attempt to prove that the Earth does rotate, and it worked. This success led to Foucault finding out what the speed of light was, and it's not that off from the actual measurement.

- This demonstration of the speed of light is similar to that of Foucault's method of measuring the speed of light- Both methods pretty much reflect light on objects and find out that they can measure the distance when it bounces back.

- This picture demonstrates how the speed of light can be measured using Foucault's method.- Using an angle from the light, Foucault measured the speed of light and constantly remeasured it until 1862 (his final measurement) 299,796 Km/s

Jean Foucault


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