Jean-Alexis Lemonie

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Jean-Alexis Lemonie

Jean-Alexis Lemoine

What places formed part of this persons life? in what way?New France because he was born there. Every spring he would go to Montreal as a hired man to travel on canoe to go fur trading. He travled the St.Lawrence river and the Ottawa river when they travlled in canoes. in Montreal he opened a small shop and got married there as well.

How did this person's role bring contact with other people?Jean-Alexis Lemoine was a fur trader so he would meet other people in canoes and he would meet First Nations when he was trading with them.

Was this person famous?No because he was just a voyagerand fur trader when he was younger.Later he was a very talented shop keeper and he did a little fur trading.

He was a tallented shop keeper and also did a little fur trading in his shop.

He was a fur trader.

First Nations traded raw materials for durable goods.


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