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Chapter 1:Odysseus Lands in Phaeacia "For Ten years the Trojans fought braverly to save their city." Calypso had no choice but to set him free."

Chapter 2Odyssesusand and the cyclops"The Cyclops are a race of giants that have one,large round eye in the middle of the foreheads."

Chapter 3:Odysseus And CirceIn time they arrived at the place of Circe, a powerful goddess. "Dont ask me to be happy when my friends are still under your spell ,' I answered sadly. "IF you want me to eat and drink, you must free them."

Chapter 4 The Folly of odysseus's Men "Your travels will not be easy,' she said."There are many dangers that await you, but if you will heed my advice, you may yet return to ithaca.

Chapter5:Odysseus Returns To Ithaca You have indeed had an unhappy time," said king Alcinous. "We will do everything in our power to see that you return safely to your homeland."




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