Jazzed up 50´s

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Jazzed up 50´s

One of the most popular tv shows in the 50's was "I Love Lucy"

The popularity of McDonalds started in the 1950's

Jazzed up 50's

Baby Boom-A period of time during the 1940's- 1960's when over 76.4 million babieswhere born. Due to people believing in the great future of the united states.

Suburbs-After WW2 the population increased thefore many houses were bulit into small communites called suburbs. Most suburbs were identical trying to portray an ideal family.

Gender Roles.Men were usually the head of the household, while women took a more behind the sceens role. .Men usually had an higher education, and the higher paying job. . After the war divorce was fairly uncommon, and shuned upon.

Resurgence in Religion. Started because people were worried about the Communist scare, and wanted to feel safe. . Family values were sometimes considered more important.. Many white middle class families did not actually attend church.

Bomb Shelter(FalloutShelters) . Were used to protect mostly wealthy people, from nuclear, chemical attacks.. Many people who could not afford shelters, hid under subways etc…. Many shelters were only stocked with the bare minimum supplies. . The government made sure the country was ready for any attack.

Consumerism War production helped pull the economy out of depression.More people had good pay checks, and wanted to buy goods;Such as cars, houses, and kitchen appliances. American consumers were praised as patriotic.

Conformity.Many franchises began to rise such as McDonalds.. Suburbs began to appear, such as Levittown.. Society had the same standard of dress for both men and women..Many TV show’s tried to portray the perfect family.

Truman/Eisenhower. Then there was that campaign speech in Wisconsin, during which General Eisenhower intended to defend Secretary of State's George Marshall against allegations spread by Senator Joseph R. McCarthy of Wisconsin. . Relations between the two had become embittered by political and other differences. During the 1952 presidential campaign General Eisenhower pledged to go to Korea to seek an end to the war. Truman had denounced the trip as demagoguery.

Elvis was know as the "king" of rock and roll in the 1950's

Average price of gas in the 50's was 19 cents per gallon

Women were expected to dress very nicely at all times.

Frank Sinatra was one of the most famous crooners of the 1950's

With the expansion of the middle class, more people were able to afford cars.

50's Slang-Crusin' for a brusin'- looking for trouble-Dolly- cute girl-Fat city- great place-Ankle bitter- little kid-Cranked- excited-Cut the gas- be quiet

advertising played a large role in consumerism in the 50's


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