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Jazz music originated in New Orleans, Louisiana, around the late ninteeth and early twentieth centuries.

The music was created mostly by African Americans, but later became acceptable in middle-class American households through radio.

There were large scale radio broadcasts in New York, Chicago, Kanasas City, and Los Angesles in 1922.

Jazz music was mostly played in big cities, which helped spread the new genre.

Jazz Club in New York City in the 1920's

Popular Jazz Musicians

Louis Armstrong is one of the most famous names in the jazz world. He was a very talented trumpetere.

Ella Fitzgerald was an American jazz vocalist and is known as the "queen" of jazz.

Duke Ellington was a famous pianist, composer, and bandleader of jazz orchestras.

A video of Louis Armstrong playing his trumpet

A video of a man doing the Charleston, a dance that was invented during the time jazz music was.


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