[2015] Grace Murray: Jazz styles

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[2015] Grace Murray: Jazz styles



Jazz Styles

Cool Jazz

some of the most famous artists in bebop were: Dexter Gordon, Sunny Rollins, Miles Davis and many more !

Bebop sounds like dancing music which is fun to listen to,usually the instruments consisted of trombones, trumpets, saxaphones etc.

some of the most well-known artists of swing music were:Louis Armstrong, Duke Wellington, Ella Fizgerald, and many others.

Swing music sounds groovy and makes you want to bop your head and tap your feet.it consists of trumpets and many other brass instuments

some of the main artists of cool jazz were: Miles Davis, Gerry Mulligan, Chet Baker, Stan Kenton and many more.

Jazz music is a modern type of style, and is much more relaxed tempos and lighter tones in the songs.the instruments that are used are alto, saxaphone, trumpet, tuba etc.


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