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Jazz Music

How was it created?*Jazz music was first created by African Americans in the New Orleans area*When it became more popular Europe and Africa worked on making more jazz music together*Africa gave the idea of improvisation for jazz music and blues tonality, which was borrowed from their work songs*Euro-American cultures contributed functional harmony and metric rhythm

1920sJazz Music

What is Jazz Music?Jazz music is a musical style distinguished by its emphasis on improvisation, blues-influenced tonality and syncopated swing rhythm

How was Jazz Music first started?*Bands in New Orleans often joined funeral processions and played traditional slow hyms*When jazz music first came around after playing the song the bands played a jazzed-up version of the song*The first instruments in jazz bands were often the same as marching bands*The instruments would be cornet and trumpet as melody, and clarinet and trombone for counter melodies*The main instruments of the band were occompanied by a rhythm section which was made up of drums, sting basses, tubas, pianos, and banjo or guitar

How popular was it?*Jazz Music wasn't as popular in the begining*Later on it soon became the most popular music style of the 1920s and 1930s and was broadcasted on radio mainly in Chicago and New York

How did it impact people?*Most of the country used this style of music*People began dressing and dancing to this style, it became known as the Jazz Age

Some important people of this time were Duke Ellington(right) and Fletcher Henderson(left)

^^An instrument that became really popular during this time was the saxophone

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