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Jazz Music

The "Jazz Age" era was in the 1920's but jazz music acutally came to life way before that with the creativity of Buddy Bolden. Jazz originally started in New Orleans by North American slaves. The slaves were cut off from their African traditions and instruments, so to keep thier culture alive they began to mix their music with the Creole church music and folk songs they were exposed to in new Orleans. This mix of music was named Jazz in the 1920's.

Buddy Boldon Louis Armstrong Sidney Bechet

Lasting Impressions


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How it All Started


1817 -Congo Square1892 -First know ragtime composition1895 -First Jazz band1902 -Lincoln park is opened1904- Buddy Bolden develops reputation1913- The word "jazz" first appears in print1920- Marks the beginning of the "Jazz Era"

Instruments & Style* Ragtime (1890-1920)* Dixieland (1910-1930)* Big Band (1930-1950)* Bebop (1940-1955)* Cool Jazz (1950-1970)*Jazz Fusion (1970-today)

Jazz Music"There is two kinds of music, the good and the bad. I play the good kind." -Louis Armstrong

What is Jazz music?



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