Jazz: Cool vs. Hot

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Jazz: Cool vs. Hot

Hot Jazz

Cool Jazz



Thelonious Monk

-Movement associated with White West Coast Intellectuals-Relaxed Tempos-Unhurried Solos-Less Rhythmic-Melodic sweetness and romanticism-Emphasis on Tone color, not swing-Instruments sound mellower, not edgy-Highly structured

-Early Jazz that featured plenty of improvisation, not structured-Had plenty of improvised solos-Blazing Tempos-Also referred to as Dixieland Jazz-Instruments supported crescendo

Duke Ellington

Louis Armstrong-Hot Five demonstrated fast tempos

Dave Brubeck-led one of the most popular cool Jazz groups of the 50's-"Take Five" portrays his mastary of cool Jazz-Played Piano

Miles Davis

Joe King Oliver-Early father of the collective improvisation demonstrated in Hot Jazz-Worked alongside Louis Armstrong as a mentor-King in his name suggest his immense influence in the Jazz world

Both types of Jazz subgenres where stepping stones to the rest. Examples being hard bop and blues.


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