[2014] sodfovmaz (Emanuel - 1st block): Jazz and the Roaring 20s

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[2014] sodfovmaz (Emanuel - 1st block): Jazz and the Roaring 20s

Jazz and the Roaring 20s

By: Nesha Truesdale and Moesha Truesdale

* The mixing of musicians of varied and social backgrounds in the Midwest.* It had a softening effect on the original blues-oriented hot style.* Goodman became known as the King of Swing.* Kansas City bands exhibited more of that indefinable element in theEast.* These ensembles relied on the riff, a rhythmic-melodic figure that supported the harmonic background.

* Born July 4, 1900* Grew up in th toughest black neighborhood in New Orleans.* He was considered the world's greatest jazz musician.* He delivered milk and worked on a waqon.*At night he played his battered horn.*With his large mouth and lips he earned the nickname "Dippermouth".

* Born: Sep. 24, 1896 in St.Paul, Minnesota, U.S.* The Great Gatsby which was voted "one of the nation's 100 best- loved novels" by the British public as part of the BBC's The Big Read in 2003.* Author of unproduced screenplays like "Red- Headed Woman and "lipstick".* Novelist, poet, playwright, screenwriter, and author of short stories. * Died: Dec. 21, 1940 in Hollywood, California, U.S.

* Widely considered a classic of American Literature.* F.Scott Fitzgerald"s masterpiece.* Employs a love story to evoke the ostentatious, degenerate materialism of the 1920's.* Captures the wild extravagance, economic prosperity, and moral depravity of the 1920's.* It articulated in the Declaration of Independence* It emphasized success through hard work and constant reinvention of self.* The ethos is personified in the novel by Jay Gatsby.

*Traces back to dances of the Ashanti people of Africa.* Dance critics believe the Charleston Originated in a small African- American community off the coast of South Carolina.* Introduced in stage productions in Harlem, New York in 1913.* By 1924, people throughout the U.S. were dancing the Charleston as a popular dance.* Could be performed solo, with a partner, or in a group.* Jazz singer and dancer Henry "Rubberlegs" Williams won his first competition doing the dance.

* Trombonist and composer born in La Place, USA.* He rose to fame being apart of a well-known band called the New Orleans jazz band in 1911.* Later on, he became apart of a new band in Los Angeles in 1919.* During the 1920's, he made numerous records playing with popular jazz musicians like King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, and Jelly Roll Morton. *He retired in 1930, but he made a successful comeback in 1939.* He appeared in a film called New Orleans and the Benny Goodman Story in 1956.

Swing Music

Kid Ory

The Charleston

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Louis Armstrong

The Great Gatsby



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