Javan rhino

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Javan rhino

DietAll Javan rhinos are herbivores.The Javan rhino eats a wide variety of plants.It prefers plants that grow in sunny areas like forest clearings.

IntroductionJavan rhinos are the most threatened from the five rhinos.Their scientific name is Rhinoceros sondaicus.There only 35 left in the world.

Physical appearanceJavan rhino is one of the most critically endangered species alive today.There is only 24 to 44 estimated that still live in Indonesia.They are so rare that even scientists can’t see them up close.An adult rhino weighs between 900 and 2300 kilograms.

HabitatThe Javan Rhinoceros live in tropical forests and rainforests.There used to be a variety of Javan rhinos all over China, Laos, India and Bangladesh.The rainforest has other animals such as elephants, tigers and monkeys.

Javan rhinoBy Steve Zervas

PredatorsRhinos don’t have animal predators but they have human predators. Their babies only have animal predators.

ConclusionIn conclusion, there's only a small amount of Javan rhinos still alive.Let’s not poach them. We should protect them!


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