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Jasper Johns was born in 1930 in n Augusta, Georgia, but he was raised in South Carolina.Form the age of five he already knew he wanted to be a painter. He went three semesters to the University of South Carolina and then he moved to New York in late 1948. There he attended for one semester to Parsons School of Design. He served for two years in the army during the Korean War. After the war he went to South Carolina and Sendai, Japan, he returned to New York in 1953. Jasper Johns is one of most significant and influential American painters of the twentieth century.He ranks with Durer, Rembrandt, Goya, Munch and Picasso as one of the printmakers of any era. He had invented a new style that helps to engender a number or art movements, such us Pop, Minimal and Conceptual arts.Jasper Johns early style can be perfectly examine in the exuberant monochrome White Flag of 1955. In 1958, Jasper painted Three Flags in which three canvases are superimposed on one another and that caused to provoke reverse perspective and that cause projection toward the viewer.During the late 1950s, he had explain that imagery derives from “things the mind already knows” that is why he draw icons such as flags, targets, stenciled numbers, ale cans, and, maps of the U.S.It has been suggested that the American flag in Johns' work is an autobiographical reference, because is a symbol of what he lived in the war.

Jasper Johns is related to pop art movement because pop art means a movement that represents objects or scenes form every day life and uses techniques of commercial art and popular illustration. Jasper johns painted things that the minds already know such us flags, targets, stenciled numbers, and ale cans and USA maps. This objects are form every day life. He paints them in an attractive, colorful way.

Jasper Johns

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