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Commensalism: One species benefits; other not harmed nor benefited

Mutualism: Both species benefit

Parasitism: One species benefits; other is harmed

Moth gets food from the plants and than pollinates other flowers in return

Multiple examples of Mutualism

Zebra offers protection to the bird while the bird eats insects off the zebra

Hummingbird gets food from the plant and the plant is not benefited or harmed

Fly gets food from the leaf

Sea Anemone offers shelter for the clownfish but is not benefited or harmed

The mosquito sucks the blood of a human to get food but harms the human in the process

Wasps lays eggs on caterpillar and helps the larva develop but it slowly kills the caterpillar

Parasite gets food and shelter from the leaf but damages the leave by eating out holes in it and killing it

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