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Jason Conklin

If you have ever seen an Indiana Jones movie, you have to see the newest one, "Indiana Jones, And the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull". It's main character is of course, Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, or Dr. Henry Jones Jr.This movie is about Indy and the Russians fighting and racing to find a city of gold and treasure hidden in the Amazon called Acator. This movie is based in the 1940's or 1950's right after World War II. This movie includes Karen allen, as Marion Ravenwood, Shia LaBeouf, as Mutt, and Cate Blanket as the Russian soldier, Dr. Spelko.In the first scene where Mack and Indy are captured by the Russians, Mack betrays Indiana and helps the Russians with dealing with Indiana. And the scene in based in Area 51, New Mexico. Indiana was forced to help the Russians find the remains of something highly magnetic.After he helped them, he escaped from the Russians, and ran to a test town in the middle of nowhere.He notices there are no people, only maniquins. He hears an alarm, and then he knows that he is in a nuclear bomb testing zone. He runs into a house with about 10 seconds left, empties a refridgerator and hides in it.Everything else that happens afterwards, is in the movie.

Indiana Jones--Movie Review by Jason Conklin


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