[2015] Emma Lin: Jason and The Golden Fleece

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[2015] Emma Lin: Jason and The Golden Fleece

Archetypes- The Journey- The Magic Weapon- Gold - Supernatural Intervention- The Hero- Hunting Group of Companions- Young Person from the Provinces- Mentors

The Argonauts is the crew of heroes that Jason put together to set sail with him on the Argo, and to retrieve the Golden Fleece. The Argonauts include the winged sons of the North Wind, Calais and Zetes. Orpheus joined with his musical abilities, and even the legendary Heracles had taken part.

The Argo

Characters:JasonThe ArgonautsMedeaChironHeraPelias, King of IolcusPhineus, King of ThraceAeetes, King of Colchis

Jason and the Golden Fleece


- Jason was raised to be a hero by Chiron the centaur, when his father had been fearful that Pelias, his uncle, would harm Jason.- Pelias took his father's throne over Iolcus. So after being brought up, Jason had set out to take back his father's throne.- He had passed a test set by Hera, goddess of marriage and family, and gained her promise to aid him in his journey. - Pelias only agreed to give him the throne if Jason had retrieved the Golden Fleece.- So with a ship, a crew, and determination, Jason was off to the Fleece and his father's rightful throne.** different versions!

Easy Journey?

The Golden Fleece

The Argonauts


Piece of sacred oakin it's prow fromAthena!

The king of Thessaly was convinced to sacrifice his son to save the crops that were dying. Zeus hated human sacrifices, and sent a flying golden ram to save Phrixus, the king's son.

Jason and the Argonauts(1963)


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