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Hi, my name is Jasmine and this is what learned abouthow chocolate is made!

The cacao pods are cut from the cocao tree. The beans are removed from the pod and fermented for a week.

The coco beans are transported to a factory, cleaned, and roasted at high temperatures.

The shell is seperated from the inside. The inside is called a nib, The nibs are then ready for the milling stage.

Milling is when the nib is turned into a liquid called chocolate liquor. Now it time to add some ingredients.

Cocoa butter, sugar , and milk are added to the chocolate liquor and mixed and dried in a huge vat to make chocolate crumb.

The chocolate crumb is used to make milk chocolate. It travels through steel rollers to make it smoother.

Now the chocolate paste is ready to be made into Hershey's products. The paste is tempered, poured into molds, and sent to be cooled.

Then it's ready to be wrapped ans shipped to stores all over the world.Credit to Hershey


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