Jasmine Gezella-Alcohol

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Jasmine Gezella-Alcohol

Teens Drink because..1) peer pressure by there friends.2) parents drink.3) impress friends.4) stressed out.

Brain:Alcohol blocks some messages trying to get to the brain.Body: absorbs into blood stream, and affects the nervous system which helps control all body functions.


Dangers1) Crashes 2) Suicides3) Injuries 4) Alcohol abuse

Binge DrinkingThe dangerous practice of consuming large quantities of alcoholic beverages in a single session. Carries a serious risk of harm, including alcohol poisoning.

ConsequencesDrinking TicketSuspended from extra curricular activiteslose your licensegrounded

Ways to say no to peer pressure.- keep saying no.- leave so that can't persuaded you.- pretend you can't hear them and walk away. - pretend you have somewhere else to be.

Get help for olcohol problem..Libertas, Rehab, doctor or counselor



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