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Jaques Cartier

Jacques Cartier was born on December 31, 1491 inSaint-Malo, France. On April 30, 1534, Cartier set out on his first voyage in search of finding riches and a new route to Asia. He was sent by King Francis 1. Areas Explored:St. Lawrence RiverCanada (Montreal, Quebec)NewfoundlandStadaconaSadly, on September 1, 1557, Jacques Cartier died. We still remember him to this very day.


1491- Born1520- Got marriedlate 1520's- Went on his first voyage1534- Met king of France1535- Went on his second voyage 1541- Went on his third voyage1557- Died

1. Cartier claimed parts of Canada for France2. He was the first European to describe and map the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the shores of St. Lawrence River

Lasting Impact

Do you know why Canada is named Canada today? Jacques Cartier actually gave Canada its name.

Fun Facts

1. Gave Canada its name2. Went on three voyages3. Kidnapped the Cheif Indian's two sons under the condition that he would return them

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Jacques Cartier


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