Japanese Tea Ceremony

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Japanese Tea Ceremony

Japanese Tea Ceremony

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Recipe for Sencha Green!

+Fill the container with one liter (34oz) of pure water.+ (A container with a tight lid is best.)+ Add one tea bag.+ Put the container in a refrigerator and leave it there for about 20 to 30 minutes.+ Stir the tea or shake it until the color of tea turned into hunter green.+ Remove the bag.+ Pour it into a glass and serve.+ Store the leftover tea in the refrigerator and consume it within a couple of days.

The Japanese tea ceremony is called Chanoyu, or simply Ocha in Japanese. It is a ritual of preparing and serving Japanese green tea, called Matcha, together with traditional Japanese sweets to balance with the bitter taste of the tea. Preparing tea in this ceremony means pouring all one's attention into the movements of enjoying it. The whole process is not about drinking tea, but is about its beauty, preparing a bowl of tea from one's inner soul. The host of the ceremony always considers the guests with every movement and gesture. Even the placement of the tea utensils is considered from the guests view point.

Dawn Tea Ceremony in Winter:This is the dawn tea event held in the early morning of a cold winter day to enjoy the breaking of dawn in the tearoom. Early-evening Tea Ceremony held in the Warmer Months:Opposite from the Akatsuki-no-chaji, here one can experience going from daylight to candle light. It feels as if the normal world fades away and one is entering into the mystical world of tea. Kuchikiri-no-chaji:Tea leaves which are harvested in spring are store in a jar which is then stored in a cool place. These days that might be in or around the teahouse or cooling cellar. Long ago this jar with new leaves was stored in the ground or in the mountains to keep it cool. Around the November 7 or 8, the new season of tea begins indicating the start of the winter season. At this time, to celebrate the beginning of a new season of tea, the seal of the jar with new tea plucked in spring is broken and the new, fresh tea is used for the first time.

Drinking of green tea was known in China from the fourth century. Tea plants didn’t grow in Japan until the first seeds were brought from China during the Tang dynasty (China 618-907), when relations and cultural exchanges between the two countries finally began. In the eighth century the first mention of a formal ceremony involving the drinking of tea is found.In 1187 Myoan Eisai, a Japanese priest, traveled to China to study philosophy and religion. When he came back, he became the founder of Zen Buddhism and build the first temple of the Rinzai sect. It is said that he was the first one to cultivate tea for religious purposes, unlike others before him who grew tea for use only. He was also the first to suggest and teach the grinding of tea leaves before adding hot water. According to him it was a cure for all disorders, so this perhaps was the main reason that the Tea Ceremony gained such popularity.

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