Japanese sports

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Japanese sports


*Cricket was first played in 1868 by English merchants

Horace Wilson

Japanese Assosiation Football

Professor Edward Bramwell Clarke

The English Merchants

Famous Sports in Japan:-Sumo Wrestling (National Sport)-Football-Basketball-Baseball-Martial Arts-Golf-Figure Skating-Racingetc...

Megumi Yabushita

Ichiro Suzuki

Shinji Kagawa

Mao Asada

*Rugby Union introduced by Professor Edward Bramwell Clarke(1899)

*Assosiation Football credited by the Japanese Football Assosiation

*Baseball introduced by Horace Wilson(1872)

*First Introduced:In the 1870's, baseball, assosiation football, rugby union, cricket and ice skating.

DOB. 22 Oct 1973Originally played in Japan's Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) Now plays for the Miami Marlins of Major League Baseball (MLB)

DOB. 17 Mar 1989Plays for German club Borussia DortmundAlso the Japan national team.Goal-scoring midfielderKnown for his vision, technique, movement and passing

DOB. 25 Sept 1990Olympic silver medalistNoted for flexability, expressive step sequence and triple axel jumpsConsidered best in the world

DOB. 2 Mar 1972Japanese female mixed martial artist,kickboxer, professional wrestler and judokaNational Judo champion Former Smackgirl open weight championand tournament winner

Raizel and Eryka


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