Japanese Occupation in Singapore

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Japanese Occupation in Singapore

Apart from the harmful effects during the japanese occupation, there were also benefits. The Japanese occupation enabled Singapore to be united as one. The war had brought different religions together in harmony.

Japanese Occupation in Singapore

Based on my opinion, i think the most important reason that led to japanese occupation of Singapore was because the growth population in japan was rising, their rice production could not keep up with the increase. And they also lack raw materials such as oil, rubber iron and more. And these materials are mostly found in Malaya. But before they took Malaya, they decided to also conquer Singapore the most heavily armed fortress in the world at that time.

Was Japanese occupation beneficial to Singapore?

What led to Japanese Occupation of Singapore ?

Nope, i don't because i dont want to be treated like slaves. Plus, i dislike how they treated the Singaporean like animals. The evidece is food shortages, overcrowding. Its like a slaughter house where animals are kept in a small room with little space. And that is when diseases start to spread and kills people. I also dislike how they treated other races differently.

Do i still want to be from the japanese empire? why?

Lesson to learn from the Japanese Occupation.

Firstly, i learn't to never under- estimate anyone. The British under-estimated the japanese. while they themselves were disorganised. Their tanks had problems, their planes were outdated and their defence was weak. Secondly,I have learnt to be more appreciative with what i have because during the Japanese Occupation there were food shortages.People were encouraged to grow their own vegetables to eat.

The Fall of Singapore


Banana Notes used during the Japanese Occupation

This is a ration card. It was used to control the sales of essential items like rice, sugar and salt


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