Japanese Natural Disasters

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Japanese Natural Disasters

Because disasters like these are not preventable organisations like the Red Cross, help people affected by these disasters by providing shelter, food, water and search parties.

Japan is situated along the pacific 'Ring of Fire'.. The 'Ring of Fire' is the area most prone to earthquakes and volcanoes. Countries that lie near the 'Ring of Fire' are prone to natural disasters, however, Japan lie directly over this area and is thought to have been form by natural disasters itself. This is why Japan is so susceptible to natural disasters. Japan lives with more natural diasters than any other country in the world.

Japan is home to 47 volcanoes including the well-known Mount Fuji.Two out of the five most expensive natural diasaters have occurred in Japan. These expenses can potential be a threat to the economic situation of Japan. Not only does the expenditure of Japan rise due to the significant number of natural disasters, but that there is nothing that Japan can do to prevent these disasters from happening. The citizens of Japan must live in fear of another major disaster, and whether they will surviev it, or not. The Japanese government cannot prevent these disaster but they can put forward rules and regulations than can help to lessen the impact of these occurrences. Buildings must be carefully designed and evacuation plans must always be reinstated. Japanese buildings should be built with solid and deep foundations that can withstand the deep vibrations from below the Earth's crust.


Natural Disasters

Japan Tsunami - $235 billion

Kobe Earthquake - $100 billion

Australian Red Cross

Japan is calling you. So come help NOW!


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