Japanese Internment Camps

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World War II

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Japanese Internment Camps

The JapaneseInternment Camps

Many had to sell shops along with homes along with other belongings they could not bring along.

The US government sent out orders for all Japanese Americans to be relocated for internment camps.

Inside the camp, they tried to replicate life as much as possible.

In the camps, the people were seperated from the outside world by a fence which was always patroled by guards.

Instead of speperate housing units, the people in Internment Camps lived in barracks.

1941 -1946


After the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, the US was wary of their Japanese decended citizens.

They ate in mess halls, and meals were simple and cheap.

Inside the internment Camps, the Japanese were offered work for anywhere from 5 to 8 dollars.

If one wanted to leave, they had to do a 'Loyalty Test.' They were rarely passed.

The average camp had barracks, mens and womens restrooms, a laundry, a mess hall, recreation hall, school and chruch.

In December of 1946, the last Japanese Internment camp closed, and the people once inside were free Americans once again.

Many people were opposed to the idea of these camps, saying they made them no better than the enemy.


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