Japanese Industrial Revolution

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Japanese Industrial Revolution

Socialist Steve WON'T steal from the weak!!

2.)The employees are paid little money and no protection which prevents them from not being able to have a better life and support their families.


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1.)The companies get to decide how much they pay their workers and never serve consequences for having their workers work in harsh conditons. This causes their employees to be overworked and be in bad health conditions.

3.)Capitalism only protects and helps the wealthy people while the poor are suffering and being treated poorly. The poor have to work twenty times more than a wealthy person to get paid a decent amount of money which isn't fair to them.


1.) The government should be involed in the economy in order for the poor and wealthy to get EQUALLY paid.

2.)Just because someone owns a factory, doesn't mean that one should be paid less. The women worked despise the horrible conditons they had to go through.

3.)If the government doesn't start giving better wages and working conditons, then the poor won't have a chance to improve their lives and families.


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