Japanese Geisha

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Japanese Geisha

Japanese Geisha By Kayla Stanley

- Geisha translates to a person of the arts -Geisha are tradition women who act as hostesses and entertainers -The apprentice of the geisha are called maiko

-To become a Geisha often meant years of training-Before the twentieth century, girls could begin training at age four-Some things that they were taught artistic beauty in music, dancing, tea ceramony and conversation-Geisha differed from the traditional wife because they were taught to show their skill and be carefree while the wives were supposed to be modest and responsible

-Although in the past, they had to act like a perfect japanese woman and some were paid to fufill a man's sexual desire this is not the case for modern Geisha-They are not prostitutes -They gracefully flirt but keep control of their hospitality by adapting to different situations and men

-The everyday image for a Geisha is white makeup, an elaborate kimono and bright red lipstick

Expectations- 4:35-5:45



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